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DMI discipleship training is divided into two main stages. First stage is the basic discipleship training. It is a kind of inward training that emphasizes learning and practicing Christ’s character in our thoughts, words, and actions. It aims at discovering and obeying God’s will and inward transformation. The second stage is leaders training, which can also be considered as advanced discipleship training. If the first stage discipleship training is a kind of inward training, leaders’ training is a kind of outward training. It is more proactive and includes evangelizing, serving the community and becoming the channel of blessing to one’s neighbors.

1st stage: Basic Discipleship Training
It consists of 32 week lessons. It is for those who have gone through proper nurturing stage and who want to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and serve as lay leaders. The training is divided into three parts. First, it is learning about the foundation of discipleship training. Second, it is gaining a deeper understanding of salvation, and finally learning how to apply and live out the faith as true disciple.

2nd Stage: Leaders Training
It consists of 34 week lessons. If discipleship training emphasizes the transformation of believers’ lives and maturity of character, leader’s training focuses on equipping the potential lay leaders with skills and knowledge necessary for leadership.
It is divided into four parts. First part aims at reconfirming salvation and the joy of living a spirit led life by studying Romans chapter 8 under the title, ”The key to a new life: Holy Spirit.” Second part deals with the doctrine of church and discipleship under the title, “The church and the Laity.” The doctrine of church lays down the foundation and philosophy of disciple training and discipleship addresses the necessity of discipleship training. Third part it deals with small group and its skills and leadership under the title, “Small Group and Leadership.” It includes how to study and prepare the Bible lesson using inductive bible study method. Fourth part is a study of both the Old and New Testament in a panoramic view, pointing out the key themes of each book. A leader must be equipped to with sufficient biblical knowledge. Beside these, other spiritual trainings and lectures are offered occasionally.